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Here at Collect Service Go we offer a free brake check; so if you are experiencing any issues with your vehicles brakes, please contact us for a inspection. There is no price on safety. Either call or book today for an instant quote.

We offer free collection and delivery from your work or home, at a time and date that suits you.

How can I tell if my brakes need attention?

Signs to look out for when using your brakes include a grinding noise when you apply the brakes or a pull to the left or right. The grinding normally means that brake pads are excessively worn and need to be replaced along with the damaged brake discs. A pull to the left or right is normally indicative of a sticking or seized mechanical or hydraulic component.

You may also feel a continuous “pulsating” from the pedal or a “spongy” feeling. This spongy feeling indicates that there is air in the hydraulic system due to a brake fluid leak. The “pulsating” feel is normally associated with a distorted brake disc or drum.

Also an illuminated brake warning light on the instrument panel or if your handbrake is pulling up higher than it normally does – in modern cars, more than 6 to 8 clicks.

If you notice any of these symptoms it’s vital for your safety that your vehicle is inspected immediately, and one of our members of staff can PROVIDE a quotation.

Collect service go offers huge discount on main dealer prices, but with all the technical knowledge that is required.

As leading suppliers of auto parts across Hertfordshire, we use and supply OEM parts for cars, buses, caravans and trucks and can perform any work at cheap and affordable rates so that you don’t spend a fortune getting back on the road. Collect Service Go is committed to providing outstanding value and service in the repair and maintenance of your vehicles at all times.

If you need assistance then please feel free to ask one of our mechanics for guidance, alternatively; please contact us via email and we will reply to you at our earliest opportunity.

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