Car Air Con Servicing and Repairs St. Albans

Car air conditioning system checks are an essential part of normal vehicle maintenance, but because it’s not included as part of most normal services it is often forgotten about.

Here at Collect Service Go, we can get your air conditioning recharge and service back on track. We’ll even collect your vehicle to save you the hassle of bringing it to our centre.



Why Collect Service Go?

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What is Air Conditioning Servicing?

Did you know that your vehicle’s air conditioning system will lose around 10% of its refrigerant every year? We recommend that you get your air conditioning serviced once every two years to ensure optimal output should you ever need to use it.

Getting your air conditioning serviced will involve:

  • Recharging and topping up air conditioning refrigerant
  • Replenishment of system oil
  • Temperature checks and ensuring there are no leaks
  • Taking out moisture and air from the system and recovering air conditioning refrigerant


ATA Qualified Car Technicians

Our aircon service is carried out by technicians that have been trained according to ATA standards, ensuring that you are given an expert level of service every time.


High-Quality Air Conditioning Parts near me

We only provide and fit original equipment (OEM) air conditioning parts for all vehicles at Collect Service Go. Should you require additional parts, such as air conditioning pipes or compressors, we are also able to offer these at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

Signs that your air conditioning system needs servicing

Over time your car’s air conditioning system will gradually decrease its performance allowing problems to go unnoticed.

Subtle signs of any issues:

  • Warm air being released
  • The system only works intermittently
  • It no longer demists the windscreen properly
  • A banging noise can be heard
  • Condensation is appearing near the dashboard
  • Bad smells are being released

How often should I get my car air conditioning serviced?

Your car needs to have an air conditioning service every two years. This ensures that the unit continues to perform to its maximum efficiency and help stops any problems developing between services.

Many vehicle owners are not aware that an air-con check is not included as part of your normal car services or MOT. This makes it easy for people to miss out on this essential check.

If you are worried that your car hasn’t been checked recently, you can bring it into our garage so we can check the performance of your air-con system.

Where can I get my car air conditioner recharged?

At Collect Service Go, we will perform an air-con recharge as part of your routine unit check. Each of our team members is fully trained as an air conditioning specialist, so you can be certain that your car is in safe hands at one of our garages.

We will check your vehicle manufacturers information to ensure that the correct air con gas is used. At the same time, we will assess for the presence of a leak or damage to the system.

Vehicle owners are usually unaware that it is not only poor tyres that can decrease their car’s fuel performance, but an inefficient air-con unit can have the same effect.

Why Choose Collect Service Go?

Every mechanic employed by our garage has experience in car air conditioning services, so you can be certain that the job will be performed properly.

Our air-con systems check also includes an air-con recharge for all vehicles as standard – there will be no hidden fees with our great value service!

Looking For Quality Air Con Servicing?

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