Exhaust & Welding Services

If you need your exhaust fitting or repairing look no further. We have a team of exhaust specialists that can have you up and running in no time. We offer custom welding for any make or model of exhaust and can produce custom made exhausts and manifolds if required. Not only that but vehicle collection and delivery comes free with all our welding and exhaust servicing as standard! 

Save money on replacing your exhaust with our expert exhaust repair service. As leading suppliers of auto parts across Hertfordshire, we use and supply OEM parts for cars, buses, caravans and trucks and can perform any work at competitive, affordable rates. 

Whether you need a completely new exhaust or just a quick check on your exhaust sealant, our team can offer you competitive prices and quality work. Our parts and work all come with one-year parts and work guarantee, so you can have peace of mind when choosing our exhaust centre. As part of a routine service, your exhaust will be checked for any leak or corrosion, but we can also provide just an exhaust inspection if you are experiencing any issues.

Exhaust Repairs For MOT

If you need repairs as a result of a failed MOT taken with us, we offer MOT retests for free within 10 working days of your first MOT. A healthy exhaust system is essential for the safety of the environment and the safely of other road users. As a legal requirement for an MOT your exhaust will need to meet these specifications to pass the annual test. We have years of experience repairing and replacing exhausts to meet MOT specifications, and we’ll check both your exhaust emissions and exhaust system to ensure your vehicle can pass MOT. We’re so confident- we assure our work with a one-year parts and labour guarantee!

Custom Work For Specialist Exhausts 

Collect Service Go offers custom Welding and exhaust systems available for all cars and light commercial vehicles. 

A healthy exhaust system is critical for a quiet smooth running engine with optimum fuel efficiency. If you have any concerns about your vehicles exhaust system then please tell us and we will complete a full check for you. If you have an older or non-standard vehicle, please contact a member of our team quoting the registration of your vehicle.

Welding Services 

Our welding services are not just limited to exhausts. we offer custom welding and repairs for bodywork restoration and preparation, chassis welding, one-off boost pipes and induction kits, wheel repair and welding for inlet manifolds and water pipes. If you are unsure whether we can help you, please feel free to call at  01707 33 22 88 or email us at  info@collectservicego.com  and one of our mechanics will get back to you shortly.

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